28 May 2010

Hot Damn! I won!

His to Possess’ book trailer won First Place for the month of May on You Gotta Read Videos. Yes, you read it right, first place.
That wouldn’t have happened without the support of friends, fans, and family. I thank you all for the time you took to vote for me.

It all started with an annoying habit of mine (it annoys me) of HAVING TO create a book trailer as soon as the manuscript is done. Not only that, I would upload the file to my website and refer to it in my submissions to publishers so they get a general idea of the book’s possibilities. This habit consumes time, but I enjoy every moment of it. I love the creation process; putting the right words with the right images and synchronizing the whole lot with suitable music.

It paid off more than once. Here are few incidents:

  •  The trailer helped me out whenever I got stuck in a scene, or lost the motivation to write.
  • Once, a publisher I approached regarding one book saw a trailer of another and asked me to submit that one as well. Alas, it was already with another publisher. However, being wanted felt good.
  • It helps tremendously when marketing a book. If people are into watching and not reading, the trailer could be the ticket in. Just use the right tags and upload it to online video channels, like Youtube.
And now, I have it on record that sometimes, some people, do judge a book by its trailer.

Here’s His to Possess.

12 May 2010

The Countdown

It’s not a real countdown, but I like to give my self a mental boost two weeks before the actual event.

Zuphreen will be released on June 1st, I can’t wait.

I have a couple of interviews planned, and a huge release party as well. Stay tuned, I'll post the details as soon as I figure them out :-D.