21 January 2011

The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin - The Trailer

Yes, I'm back, and I bring with me a bag of goodies.
Well, one goody really, but it's worth it. I've been gone for sometime doing this and that, but mainly I was designing a trailer for a heart warming young adult book:
The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin by Aidan Lucid.
It is a fantastic story of a boy, who finds a coin that takes him to another world. Oh, boy, what a world!
Here's the blurb:
Outside the walls of Zargothia, two forces will collide in bloody combat. King Zakarius and his Sadarkian army fight for total supremacy; Argoth, king of the humans, and his allies - the Jenormes and the Volarks, fight for their freedom. Argoth's most powerful ally, however, is Henry Simmons, a 15 year-old boy from our world who was transported along with three others (two airmen from 1945 and a cat named Jasper) via a portal to Zargothia to save Argoth and his people. But Henry is no ordinary boy for he has come into possession of a golden coin that holds incredible powers which aids him in the battle. Will young Henry be able to free King Argoth and his people or will he fall to the might of Zakarius' army? The outcome will be revealed in the battle that will change Zargothia forever!

Some of the royalties from The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin, will go towards helping Friends of ABLE, a charity based in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. ABLE helps people with disabilities by providing them with an opportunity to gain new skills and then assists individuals in becoming part of or rejoining the workforce.
The lovely illustrations are done by Leonardo Borazio. One illustration (dragon breathing fire on an airplane) was illustrated by John Blackford.

Like the book?
Here are its details:
Author: Aidan Lucid
ISBN: 978-0-9819158-2-10-9819158-2-5
Genre:  Fantasy/young adult.

Till next trailer  :-D