29 September 2014

Book review: Malachim by Naima Simone

Secrets and Sins:  Malachim (A Secrets and Sins Novel #2)Secrets and Sins: Malachim by Naima Simone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an excellent read considering this is my introduction to this author. It's part of a series, and is not the first one in it, but it reads fine without missing any details.
The story's strength is in the way emotions unfolded, how one can understand and relate to them without being in an abusive relationship. Malachim and Daniella are both damaged goods because of their histories but they find the strength to trust and believe in love.
There were parts were emotions were repeated, the heroine's stubbornness to hold her secrets from the one man that stood by her side no matter what, was unreasonable, and there were times the constant tension and danger Daniella was in was exhausting. Then again, I think this is what makes this story closer to reality and the heart.
It's not fluffy romance, there are detailed violent scenes and memories but, again, that's what makes this story more real.
If you're into romance, don't mind reading about detailed abuse and self-doubt, then give this book a try. I enjoyed this ride.

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