12 July 2010

The A-Team Movie * Review*

Recently, I watched The A-Team movie with my sister in the cinema. As we drove, I had serious trepidations because remakes didn’t live up to the original in my opinion. Some even ruined a good memory of a favorite show or movie.
Not in this case.
The A-Team’s plot was substantially thought of, the characters were well rounded, giving Templeton "Faceman" Peckt the chance to show more than just a pretty face, while John "Hannibal" Smith displayed emotions beyond the need for scheming and planning. B.A. Baracus wasn’t all about muscles, he had an issue to deal with, and he did, successfully and convincingly. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock's insanity was hilarious more than usual, in a good way.

I had no doubt in Liam Neeson’s ability to pull a convincing Hannibal, the veteran actor hasn’t disappointed in any role he took on. The power, confidence, and shrewdness he gave forth were supported magnificently by his looming height. Boy, he’s tall! I can’t resist tall men :-)

Bradley Cooper as Faceman was a treat that shouldn’t be missed. I’ve watched Cooper since his role in the TV series Alias, and had a feeling he would grow into an outstanding actor. As Faceman, Cooper united the playboy, the schemer, and the action hero into one three-dimensional character. It didn’t hurt that he also had a heart. Man, those eyes!

To be frank, I’m not familiar with Quinton Jackson (Rampage Jackson,) haven’t seen him in action before, but he did a brilliant job portraying B.A. Baracus. He’d displayed the kind of loyalty that couldn’t be questioned, leaving no doubt in his inherent good nature, despite his show of power. And the issue I mentioned above, was dealt with swiftly, just like the A-Team would.

Now, the wild card, Sharlto Copley! I had a bit of a problem picturing him as Murdock, my favorite character in the TV show providing the insane relief from all the action. I’ve seen him before only in District 9, which though original in concept, felt too long for my taste. Copley owned the role in The A-Team, his insanity was logical. Does that make sense? Didn’t think so, yet, if you watch the movie you’ll know what I mean. It didn’t hurt to add his good looks to the mix.
The movie is full of action to satisfy the diehards. Rib-tickling comebacks and scenes that elicit laughter appear at the right time unexpectedly.

This is one remake you don't want to miss.

11 July 2010

Authors, Horror, and Movies

I blogged today at Damnation Books’ blog about writing and horror in movies.
The driving force behind what I noticed could be inner demons or a subconscious self-medication technique, not sure what exactly causes this phenomenon or theme to take place, but something does.
Check it out, you might come across a movie you know!
Catch you later,

Su Halfwerk
Image source: Wikimedia Commons