19 April 2012

Book Review: Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

Shadow Game (GhostWalkers, #1)Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this first book of the GhostWalkers series, we are introduced to men of power and stealth experimented upon by Dr. Peter Whitney to enhance their psychic abilities and make them into the perfect weapon for deadly missions.
We're also introduced to the love story between Dr. Lily Whitney, who was a victim of her father's obsession with psychic enhancements, and Captain Ryland Miller. Ryland is a man committed to serving and protecting his country, even if that involved volunteering for this experiment along with his men.
We experience the romance, the danger, and suspense wrapped in this intriguing story. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ryland expressed his love and total devotion to Lily.
Lily is educated, rich, intelligent, and in love…all of this is shown and not told. She never stepped out of character.
I would love to read more from this series as I'm curious about the other Ghostwalkers mentioned in this book and their possible matches.

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11 April 2012

A review of His to Possess

It's a nice surprise to stumble across a good review of a book that's close to your heart. His to Possess was published in 2010, and though I didn't forget it, I admit this review warmed my heart all over again. I think I'll be re-reading it :-)
This is the full review: http://novellynice.blogspot.com/2012/04/review-his-to-possess-by-su-halfwerk.html
But I can share a tidbit here:

"His to Possess is such a sweet and heart-warming paranormal story. I found myself tearing up by the second page, but that's me.

Jeremy is a ghost who is haunting a mansion that Stacy was hired to appraise the valuable collection of books within its library. Jeremy has been dead for seven years and Stacy is the first person he really felt connected to..."

06 April 2012

Hellbound Tour Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in Hellbound's Tour. It was fund because of your positive comments and support.
I have the names of the winners here... Drum rolls please....
Leigh Salvage won a PDF copy of Hellbound
Pam Rosensteel won the $25/- Amazon gift card

Congratulations Pam and Leigh, I will contact you with your prizes shortly.
Thanks to everyone else who participated. Perhaps you'll have better luck next time ;-D

05 April 2012

I'm back :-)

Not 100% yet but working my way to it through the recovery path. Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, or called. I'm happy and proud of the friendships I made.
May God bless you all.

02 April 2012

Going away for a while

One month ago, I suffered severe pain in my lower back and left leg. By the time I reached the emergency room I was in tears. They treated me, gave me painkillers, and transferred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. By then, total numbness and weakness had set in my left leg. That beside the pain in my lower back. I walk with a limp now.
Last week—and after an array of tests, some painful some not—the orthopedic confirmed that I have 4 slipped discs in my back and they were stressing the nerves in my leg. He feared the nerves will die if they are subjected to more of that pressure and accordingly he strongly recommended surgery.
I'm leaving in a couple of hours to be admitted to the hospital today, my surgery is due early morning tomorrow, and should be out of the hospital in few days if everything goes according to plan.
I have met and made great friends, and for that I'm grateful. So, even though I might not be able to check my email, blog, twitter, or FB for sometime, I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.
I will follow up on your news when I'm out, so please prepare a list of your good news, it will help me heal fast :-)

01 April 2012

Hellbound Tour & Giveaway: It isn't over yet 8-}

I'm aware that the Rafflecopter was closed (technical issues,) but it's open again and that's only for today. Why, you might ask!
Well, it's for my last stop which comes with an awesome review of Hellbound. You know how some books grab you? this review grabbed me.
Read it here and enter the draw:

You might win:
PDF copy of Hellbound
Amazon gift certificate worth $25/-