02 April 2012

Going away for a while

One month ago, I suffered severe pain in my lower back and left leg. By the time I reached the emergency room I was in tears. They treated me, gave me painkillers, and transferred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. By then, total numbness and weakness had set in my left leg. That beside the pain in my lower back. I walk with a limp now.
Last week—and after an array of tests, some painful some not—the orthopedic confirmed that I have 4 slipped discs in my back and they were stressing the nerves in my leg. He feared the nerves will die if they are subjected to more of that pressure and accordingly he strongly recommended surgery.
I'm leaving in a couple of hours to be admitted to the hospital today, my surgery is due early morning tomorrow, and should be out of the hospital in few days if everything goes according to plan.
I have met and made great friends, and for that I'm grateful. So, even though I might not be able to check my email, blog, twitter, or FB for sometime, I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.
I will follow up on your news when I'm out, so please prepare a list of your good news, it will help me heal fast :-)