10 August 2013

Book review: Domingo's Angel by Jenny Twist

Domingo's AngelDomingo's Angel by Jenny Twist
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Domingo’s Angel takes place in one of those villages whose image crop up in our heads when we imagine the perfect country life. The village is in Southern Spain and is a host to some of the most fascinating fictitious people I’ve ever read.
Angela is haunted by a secret in her past life, Domingo’s insecurities are intimidating him, Rosalba, the formidable shop keeper who knows things (and I love her,) has her own memories to deal with, Guillermo, the avaricious and flashy mayor, harbors the recollection of a dark shameful deed that has been eating at him for years.
There are many more of these people in this book, with their suffering, dreams, fears, and the fact that they had a war to dread. Yet, somehow the book is full of hope. The story carries many threads, and each one of them is tied in a neat bow by the end.

The night passed very quickly as I sat in my bed, reading Domingo’s Angel, hoping against hope that nothing bad would happen, for I felt as though I knew these people. I wanted them to be well and happy.

A fair warning: This book can compel people into time travel, will lure them into falling in love, and might break their hearts (only to mend them again.)
I totally recommend it

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