28 July 2012

Latest Trailer: Ask No Tomorrows by Rita Hestand


Ask No Tomorrows is a sweet historical romance by author Rita Hestand

Book summary:
Book 3 of the Dreamcatcher series.
When Sam Tanner met Riley Morgan he had no idea what he was about to get into. She seemed nothing more than a little misfit that needed protection. But Sam always was a sucker for a hard luck story. What could he do, the girl mesmerized him?

Author website: http://www.ritaphestand.com

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16 July 2012

A great review of Hellbound

Hellbound received another 5 stars. Here's an excerpt from that fantastic review:

"...Hellbound is a collection of three stories.  They are definitely creepy, gory, and all things wonderful that go bump in the night.  Or in the dead of day, you can take your pick.  Either way, I flew through this book.  Some of it was very grotesque and scary.  Su really has a way with words that makes you want to be in a certain place, and not want to be there at all, all at the same time! ..."

You can read the rest of the review here: www.fictionalcandy.com/2012/07/review-hellbound-by-su-halfwerk.html

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Thank you, Liz! You already know how I feel about your reviews ;-)