09 December 2013

Book Blast: The Man from Sweet Loaf

The Man from Sweet Loaf by G.Franklin Prue
456 pages
Published: March 9, 2013
Format: Paperback


I am hoping that crazy people run and sane people hide as they read my novel The Man from Sweet Loaf . The story is about Sam Murphy. He is a truck driver. He is a Vietnam era Veteran. He has PTSD, but he can only see his father as a winged Gargoyle. This is related to war veterans in every war. He falls in love with a Haitian woman, she belongs to a powerful Colonel Labossier in the Ton-Ton Macoute; Sam Murphy has to fight this man and his bodyguards. He enlists his brother who is a cop, Ray. However, with Myrthe this woman is involved in the culture of Voodoo.
Sam Murphy in a major section, As the Gargoyle sings to thee….this section deals with the relationship of his delusional view of his father. Thus, this dialogue shows us Sam’s fear towards him.
Sam Murphy, finds the Colonel dead, and his Myrthe free to be with him. But more definition to Sam and his past shows up on his door. Petey-Pete comes back to the Eastern shores, and visits his old truck driver partner. He is a major drug dealer from Florida, he is now a Rastafarian.
Petey-Pete is a symbol, he a Christ like figure for our image of the crucifixion. Sam’s brother, Ray is searching for this major drug lord. He is determined to get him. Sam has no idea of Petey-Pete being a major drug dealer, thus on a Sunday, Sam takes his family to church, Petey-Pete also attends. Ray spots Petey-Pete, shoots him dead on the church steps.
Sam goes to his dying friend, pulls out a book of poems; dedicate to their life on the road. Sam takes his daughter and wife and takes them away from this trauma, and leaves his past behind.

The Man from Sweet Loaf
 A Novel By
 G. Franklin Prue

 PART ONE: Earth, Wind, Fire           1
 PART TWO: The Lady from Haiti     143
 PART THREE: As the Gargoyle Sings to Thee          276
 PART FOUR: Crocker’s Landing      391
 Earth, Wind, Fire
The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow.
–Blake, Proverbs of Hell

Sunday, 22 August 1985. A kiss and a noble ending was not meant for them as they awake in each other’s arms. Mabel Friday, with brown rainbow sun hair, was just a child of jazz from the sixties. A cool chocolate popsicle. Sassy woman. With a high heel walk that would make you melt in five minutes. She rode out the sticky hot summer season with her boyfriend Sam, who drove a dented-up red truck. He carried carpets to new office buildings from a dusty-quiet city on the Eastern Maryland shores, Sweet Loaf. He made his runs through the I-95 Beltway: D.C., Maryland and Virginia. They met like other children in the past. On the street. Years after a war and the death of his soul in a Viet Cong raid. Sam came out in broken pieces of a no-nonsense selfish man. He even had the sailor nerve to paint on the side of his truck: EL, ZORRO.
Sam Murphy was a womanizer. A street gambler, common sense, drinking man. She would do almost anything for this man of many puzzling qualities. He was a hard man about living. Who wasn’t around most of the time, which made their screwing just a Sunday handshake. Now his other women didn’t make her mad and damn sure didn’t make her sad. Mabel knew she was a good woman for any man. But with Sam, she was on this road a long time. A long time. Cuddling, bouncing up in the back woods to the Sweet Loaf Carnival. They both drank up a lot of gin with the radio turned up to James Brown; begging for love on WKSL-AM Soul station. As they move behind the purple valley city and white corner moon.
Folks forgave Sweet Sam Murphy, you see; he had put it all in. He was one of the living dead who chain-smoked from a face of a dark storm wind coming to the shore’s edge. Most of the time he wore a greasy, pale blue golf cap on his head. Over wide brown, soft eyes that took in the yellow-green day and sometimes another man’s wife.
Mabel gave him that lullaby stare: Drugs, money or love over on the side of the road? Naw! She wanted something else as she rolled her moon-shaped butt on the black vinyl seats of the truck.
“Baby, what you want?” Sam pleads. “Tell me! But don’t just sit there like a fly on a elephant’s ass.”
“I need another cigarette,” Mabel said, scooting over closer to his ear. “Daddy.”
“Mabel, I just bought you some,” he said. “Darlin’, you got’s to be supportin’ your own habits!” Sam got real cruel. “Dey be cutting your tits off one of these days.”
“Sam, you don’t have to talk like that to me!” Mabel lights up, gives him the pack back. “You a thirty-two-year-old asshole!” She sucks in the smoke. Scoots away from him. “Shit, man! As much as I give you.” She gazes out to the sights of yellow, brown, burned summer alabaster leaves. Butchers in her dreams. “Maybe I’ll just die before they cut dem off! Butcher bastards! Son-of-a-bitches cut my momma up too! I ain’t never going to let them put the knife to my pretty tits!” She grabs, and cuddles them. “Sam, feel these! Feel these!” Rolls her eyes, drags hard on the cigarette. “Goddamn butcher men. . .  that’s all the fuck they are anyways!”
He knew it was the gin talking. She was a sweet screw a sad, kissable, chocolate milk woman from the Sweet Loaf woods. Sorry he put fear in her face. But people he cared about were sacred to him, their lives a part of his life. Secure in his web. Made her think about the knife her mother died under. Tender memories of a wife, a sister, a lover, mother. He noticed pieces of her brownish-black hair fly behind her right ear. Gold earrings flash. The ones he bought her for her birthday. He rubs a thumb across her cheek to take the pain from her lips. He searches for that blueberry-apple smile. He surrenders his love and forgiveness in the silence of a dusty shoo-fly road. A wand over her heart. Summer madness concocted under a hell-fire sun. A bead of sweat drips from her neck. Down her V-neck red dress. When the truck shakes, her breasts jump, jiggle, pow, boom, wow in the dress. He slows down over a dead squirrel. Dry red leaves crack under the tire wheels that take up the space between their lives and the rest of the red clay, chain gang road.
He squeezes up behind a Chevy station wagon. Scares the hell out of a family man with his long-neck wife, two kids and a standard size hound dog. Mabel laughs as the man’s horn curses Sam out.
Sweet Sam became childish, high with his Mabel. He put it all in; speeding sometimes. Crying, laughing and flying. Smoking good dope. Sam was all mixed up with dog shit on a county road: Route 87, to Bailey’s Cross. He sips his brown bag of gin from a paper cup. All he cared about was the fire from a pretty woman in the middle of a lost country road. Starve away the dream nightmares of a war. A wife, a son. He found Mabel after. After a country lost another son…who cares? He was alive. Alive to taste. Feel. Smell the sun, moon, stars from a woman’s panties. He had time to hear the silence in his heart. Play the sax in the night. Kiss up an angel’s tears that fell with the rain.
“We almost there, baby.”
“I know.” She puts his right hand on her left breast. “And they going to stay there too.” She draws closer to him. “I love you.”
“I’m sorry I scared you,” he said. “You know that.”
“Yeah I know.” She teases him. “Watch that pole.”
“I just love you . . . that’s all.” He sticks his golf cap on his right knee. “I can’t stand somebody else dying in my life, ’specially you.”
“You made that clear.”
Earth winds blow from east to west.
Gas and fumes drift in their noses. Sam looked over her eyes of blossoms and lips of red watermelon lipstick? Yes! Yes! He wouldn’t give a fuck if he did die with her. It was better than leaving in some war with dog-tags around your neck at nineteen. He puts more gas on the pedal. Shifts some gears before she gets sick in the cab of the truck. Hell! He knew she had to be tired. He didn’t look at her. He counts to ten over and over. Before the sleeveless, tight red dress almost makes him go right into a three hundred-year-old oak. Pleasant surroundings of her French-blood perfume mixed in with the sun and gin. He got up the nerve to see if she calmed down. Was she still looking for a fight? He throws an arm over her bare shoulders. He takes one eye off the road to keep from hitting the cows. Sneaks a passenger kiss on her cheek. He takes his arm from around her to concentrate on the road, jazz and her rich cream thighs.
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When I was a little boy; I was sent to the library as a punishment. My daddy use to joke with me that I was born in a library. Now I am published author G. Franklin Prue. I was born in Washington, D.C. I am also ex-military Vietnam veteran. I am also teaching in Seattle as a special educational Instructor. I have also worked as a government Consultant for the Defense Department. I travel a lot to the Caribbean, Central & South Americas. I have a BA in Political Science & Masters degree in Education/Administration. My published novels are, A Year of Madness, Mammie Doll and The Man from Sweet Loaf , all by CreateSpace/Amazon.com.

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24 September 2013

Interview: Mind Over Psyche by Karina Fabian

Karina Fabian is no stranger to this blog and I'm happy to welcome her again to promote her latest paranormal/fantasy release, Mind Over Psyche, book Two of the Mind Over trilogy.  Please join me in welcoming her and wishing her all the best.
But before we begin the interview, here's a small intro to the book through its blurb.

Don't you just love this cover?
Deryl isn’t crazy; he’s psychic.  Desperate to escape the insane asylum, Deryl  teleports to Kanaan, a world of telepaths who regard him as an oracle.  But freedom comes at a price.  The Kanaan expect their oracle to teach them to use their powers to wage war.  Meanwhile, he’s falling in love, but to be with her means to share his psyche, which could drive her insane.  Most dangerous of all, he hasn’t escaped the Call of the Master, enemy of the Kanaan, whose telepathic manipulations were why Deryl was committed in the first place.  Now, the Master will forge Deryl’s powers into a weapon to kill all he loves or destroy his mind trying.

Following is the interview (Psst: There's a trailer and excerpt as well)
1.  In Mind Over Mind, you had a romance between Joshua and Sachiko.  Will we see more of that in Mind Over Psyche?
No.  It’s Deryl’s turn to fall in love, and it will be a very different experience from Joshua’s.  For one, Tasmae is an alien.  Kanaan mate for life and when they meet their soul mate, it’s usually a compulsion.  They know, on a biological and telepathic level, that this is their soul mate, and they figure out the rest later.  Of course, Deryl being human makes things a little confusing for both him and Tasmae.  There’s more danger involved, as one or the other could drive each other insane in the literal sense.  Kanaan bonding is more than joining hearts or bodies.  They link minds.  Readers of Mind Over Mind know that’s traumatic enough for Deryl even with limited human contact.  What’s worse, however, is that Tasmae is under the psychic influence of her ancestor’s memories—her ancestor who had gone mad.  Add to that the fact that some of the Kanaan close to Tasmae see Deryl as a threat, not an oracle, and you can understand why Joshua is really worried about Deryl and Tasmae ever having the chance to be alone together.

2.  Joshua practices a form of psychiatry called neuro linguistic programming.  He used it extensively in Mind Over Mind.  Will he use it in Mind Over Psyche?
Some, but it really doesn’t work with aliens.  He will, however, save a child’s life with it, and will use some techniques to help Deryl and Tasmae out of danger.  In this book, he also gets to exercise his musical talents.

3.  What is your favorite scene?
Tasmae is deeply under the influence of her ancestor’s memories and the pain and confusion have made her violent.  They’re causing Deryl pain a well, and he begs Joshua to help her.  He’s a psychiatric prodigy, right?  Never mind that he’s 19, an intern, has no drugs or orderlies as backup and oh, yeah, is dealing with aliens.  I loved imagining what Joshua, Deryl, and especially Tasmae were thinking and doing.  Crazy can be a lot of fun…when it’s not real.

4.  What’s the challenge about writing about a psychic people?
They don’t communicate just in words, but also images, emotions, and simple knowing.  For example, why have a name for a person when you can pass on the knowledge of who that person is?  Ditto for places.  However, to reach a reader, I have to use words.  No one wants to read “the captain of the Kanaan guard” ten times a page, so some characters needed names, and I needed a reason for them to have one.  In the end, humans and the Barin (who also have verbal language) name certain things.  This will be fun in Mind Over All, because Joshua will joking name a young boy who clings to him, “Axel,” and it sticks, to Sachiko’s ire.
Also, with no written language, there needs to be a way to preserve history.  This is vital in Mind Over Psyche, as memories are stored in psychic plants.  You experience things as the person experienced them—no sanitizing, no skimming, no skipping the yucky parts (unless the plant allows it.)

5.  Tell us about the everyn.  They’re more than just small dragons, right?
Oh, yes.  The everyn are part of the sentient animals species called Bondfriends.  They have a symbiotic psychic relationship with certain Kanaan (also called Bondfriends).  Without this psychic bonding, an everyn reverts to a fully animal state, while a Kanaan will ignore their physical state until they die before they reach puberty.  Bondfriends life separate from “regular” Kanaan, who don’t’ really understand their psychic relationship.  Also, because they are an animal/person mind, so to speak, they are a bit wilder than the Kanaan.

Joshua returned to consciousness fully expecting to be in a hospital bed, his slashed throat swathed in bandages, his singing career over before it had started. His hands moved to his throat, found it bare and intact and breathed a prayer of thanks before opening his eyes.
He found himself on his back in a small, tree-lined meadow, but he didn’t recognize the trees.
He sat up slowly, more disoriented than dizzy. Had he had amnesia? “Sachiko?” he called. “Mom? Dad? Anyone?”
He saw Deryl lying on his side, unconscious. Not far from him, near a break in the treeline, stood—
Joshua gulped.
A unicorn!
…or something like a unicorn. Its rhinoceros-like horn and thick neck and shoulders made it a far scarier version than any Joshua had read about in fantasy novels. It stared straight at them.
Joshua licked dry lips. “Easy fella,” he soothed, and reached over to shake his friend. “Deryl, time to wake up.”
Part of Joshua’s mind gibbered that Deryl was really psychic, that he’d teleported them to an alien planet. Another part argued that he was dreaming or had gone insane himself. He told them both to shut up, but he couldn’t stop his breathing from accelerating or his hands from trembling as he shook his friend.
Deryl’s eyelids fluttered, then closed. 
He’s drugged. Malachai’s zombiefied him again, and we’re stuck on another world! 
He shook his friend harder. “Come on, man! Don’t do this to me. Wake up!”
Joshua heard hoof beats and turned in time to see several unicorns with red-clad riders approach from the trail. He vaguely noted they looked human, before his eyes focused on the swords they drew.
He did the only thing he could think of. He raised his arms, palms open, and said, “We come in peace!”
The warrior he faced, a scowling man with a narrow head, wide-set eyes, and a pocked and scarred face, didn’t understand him or didn’t care. He arched his sword toward Joshua.
Joshua covered his head with his arms and ducked. 
 About Karina Fabian:
Winner of the 2010 INDIE for best Fantasy (Magic, Mensa and Mayhem), Karina Fabian has plenty of voices in her head without being psychic.  Fortunately, they fuel her many stories, like the Mind Over trilogy. Mrs. Fabian teaches writing and book marketing seminars, but mostly is concerned with supporting her husband, Rob Fabian as he makes the exciting leap from military officer to civilian executive, getting her kids through high school and college, and surviving daily circuit torture…er, circuit training.  Read about her adventures at http://fabianspace.com.  

Find Karina at:
  Or visit her Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Karina-L.-Fabian/e/B002BLY5L6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

12 September 2013

Book review; Better Off Without Her by Rita Hestand

Book summary:
Victor Frank is no ordinary killer. For one he kills women...with his bare hands.
When he kills John T.'s mother and tells him he's "Better Off Without Her" John T. swears he'll track him down someday and kill him. Wesley Collins
is a Texas Ranger, who's already had a run-in with Victor in his earlier days.
He's bound to find him once the Rangers retire him before he does any more damage. Rascal Mills wife was killed by Victor. He's got three kids left without a mother. Pepper Hardy's father was a Sheriff, and when Victor came to town, he was duty bound to arrest him. But he was killed while trying to arrest him. All four are on a mission, one mission, to track him down and see him dead, like the dog he was. Four rode after him, how many would return?

My review: 
John T. has lost his mother, Rascal has lost his wife, Wesley lost the love of his life, Pepper lost her father, and many others became orphaned because of one violent killer; Victor Frank. And this serial killer has a target of his own and nothing in this world will stop in his way.

Victor Frank is a serial killers I sympathized with, even cheered him on some of his goals, no matter how simple they were.
Despite lacking a single redeeming quality, Victor stood tall in the middle, right where black and white met. He wasn't all likable...still, I couldn't help but feel for him.

Better Off Without Her is a story that reminded me that people differ. There are no purely good people or solely evil people. The people in this book were normal people who faced life in the nineteenth century's Wild West and survived it the best way they could. They fell in love innocently and sometimes their innocence was snatched from them in the most savage way.

I absolutely recommend this book to readers who wouldn't mind a bit of darkness in their fiction with a dash of romance that balanced it all and led to it its glorious ending. 

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DX5TUQE/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title

10 August 2013

Book review: Domingo's Angel by Jenny Twist

Domingo's AngelDomingo's Angel by Jenny Twist
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Domingo’s Angel takes place in one of those villages whose image crop up in our heads when we imagine the perfect country life. The village is in Southern Spain and is a host to some of the most fascinating fictitious people I’ve ever read.
Angela is haunted by a secret in her past life, Domingo’s insecurities are intimidating him, Rosalba, the formidable shop keeper who knows things (and I love her,) has her own memories to deal with, Guillermo, the avaricious and flashy mayor, harbors the recollection of a dark shameful deed that has been eating at him for years.
There are many more of these people in this book, with their suffering, dreams, fears, and the fact that they had a war to dread. Yet, somehow the book is full of hope. The story carries many threads, and each one of them is tied in a neat bow by the end.

The night passed very quickly as I sat in my bed, reading Domingo’s Angel, hoping against hope that nothing bad would happen, for I felt as though I knew these people. I wanted them to be well and happy.

A fair warning: This book can compel people into time travel, will lure them into falling in love, and might break their hearts (only to mend them again.)
I totally recommend it

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27 July 2013

Book Trailer: The Vampire Diaries Kindle Books by Alicia Dean

Author Alicia Dean wrote two books, so far :-), for Kindle Worlds based on The Vampire Diaries:
I had the honor to design a book trailer for both.

16 July 2013

Book cover reveal: Ask No Tomorrows by Rita Hestand

Sweet interracial historical romance available here.
Book summary:
Book Three of the Dreamcatcher series. Sam Tanner buried a man hanging from a tree the day he met Riley Morgan. He could tell from the moment he met her that she was trouble, after all, she was white and he was black, and he wanted to avoid her at all costs, but Riley managed to get under his skin, In more ways than one.

And here's the trailer:

Designed by Novel Prevue.

12 July 2013

Book Review: Witches by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

WitchesWitches by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amanda is a powerful white witch and a good-hearted woman who has lost the love of her life. She struggles with her grief even as a black witch, Satan’s favorite, plots against her. The black witch has her eyes on Amanda and her evil plan can change history and doom everyone. The first part of the book is Amanda’s back story, who she was and how she came to be where she was.

I loved the vividly drawn scenes be it at Amanda’s place, Jessie’s, or Rachel’s. I chose these three places because they are either separated by distance or time (you’ll know what I mean when you read it).
I wish there was more of Amadeus and Tibby, even a scene with both in it. That would've been hilarious.
Witches doesn’t have the trap most books fall into, the repeated self-doubting questions. On the contrary, it possesses a good balance that serves to remind us of Amanda’s loss or reason for happiness without rubbing it in.
The nifty ending was the perfect wrap-up.
This book is worth the time and money to read, I strongly recommend it.

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19 June 2013

Book cover reveal: Mantequero by Jenny Twist

Mantequero is just released and is available on Amazon. It's a short and wonderful read, I know because I read it :-)
Oh, and I had the honor of designing its cover art.

29 May 2013

Book Review: The Shift

The ShiftThe Shift by Fiona Dodwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A horrible incident costs Michael White his job, the shame that comes with it leaves him in a desperately depressing mood. His past (negative) work experience doesn't help him while looking for another job...that is until he comes to Hill Wood House, a posh private facility where the rich deposit their 'differently abled' loved ones.
And that's where the real downward spiral of Michael's life begins.

The art of painting eerily dark atmosphere in a book is one of Ms. Dodwell's fortes. I was submerged in Michael's head, his endless questions as his life unraveled before his eyes. As a reader, I felt compelled to know what/who was behind all the stalking and waited patiently for an explanation of the paranormal happenings. Both answers were delivered, and what a discovery that was.
I loved the book's haunted ambiance and the discovery of intriguing secrets. For the story's mysterious events and Michael's fear, confusion, and elaborate second-guesses, I think this length was perfect.
Another winner from Ms. Dodwell.

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26 May 2013

Book Cover: Exile by Chris Ward

I found out that the author, Chris Ward, has done a cover reveal for Exile, book 2 in The Tube Riders trilogy, which means I can share it with you here. Chris had a clear vision of what he wanted on the cover and he communicated it in depth. It made me see Marta and find the right model for her.
Here’s the front/electronic copy cover:

And this is the print cover:

Now you can see why we went back and changed book 1′s cover. We wanted to carry this theme throughout the trilogy.

21 May 2013

Book review: Head of Words

Head of WordsHead of Words by Chris Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Crowded wasn't really the word."
This is the most fitting (and summarizing) first sentence I've ever read in a book, and it starts Daniel Barker's journey in Head of Words.
Daniel likes to add people to his small, pocket-size, one bedroom apartment. He doesn't sub-rent the space, for most of them either don't, or won't, or can't hold a job. He's the type of guy who finds good in everyone even though he sometimes ends up regretting that discovery. So what does he do? He allows more people in until there's no place left for any of them.

13 individuals and 1 dog shared a small space, each with his or her own story and a way of viewing the world. This led to numerous arguments, pitted some of them against others, and planted the seeds of attractions and secrets.
I loved every moment of traveling the road with Daniel, getting angry with Shaun, frustrated with Stevie, confused by the twins...yet, through it all, I felt that the story I was reading wasn't the story being told. This was positively the best way to snare attention and keep it, especially with the surprise ending that explained it all.
So when you read the book, and even if you guess the surprise ending, you will still admire its artistic delivery.
In Head of Words, every word counts.

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17 May 2013

Book Cover: A remake of The Tube Riders cover

Chris Ward, author of The Tube Riders, requested a design for, Exile, book 2 in the trilogy. The cover came our really nice that he wanted the first cover to be revamped into something close to Exiles. This is the outcome.
Ebook cover

Paperback cover

You can buy the book from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Tube-Riders-ebook/dp/B007LVFSP8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1348545836&sr=8-2&keywords=the+tube+riders
I will share Exile’s cover when Chris reveals it.

13 May 2013

Guest Post by Danica Winters: Montana Mustangs in God’s Country

My guest today is author Danica Winters who'll introduce her latest release, Montana Mustangs. Stay tuned, Nymphs are involved.
Over to you, Danica.
Montana Mustangs in God’s Country 
I will forever be thankful for being blessed with the opportunity of growing up in the great state of Montana.  Through many well-intended choices and a few fateful events, my life has allowed me to continue living in what the locals refer to as ‘God’s Country’.   It is easy to see why Montana has been revered with such a dignified nom de plume.  Any day of the week we are reminded exactly how small we are in the grand scheme of life.  There are days in which the only other creatures I see (aside from my own family) are the deer outside my window and the occasional wolf running through our property. 

With this wild edge of living come many pitfalls.  Just like in my latest novel, Montana Mustangs, we (just like my characters) are reminded how fickle nature can be and what a fine line we must walk in order to make it to the next day.  I’m constantly reminded that each day I’m given is a gift that must not be wasted.

When my family has gone to bed and the day has passed I find myself unwilling to lose precious moments and I always reach for my computer.  I find that the one gift I want to share with the world is my passion for the written word.  In Montana Mustangs I found that not only did I get to feed my passion in writing the book, I also had the pleasure of incorporating my love of my home state.  I tried to tap into the romance of the sweet splendor of a cool fall and the feelings of mystery which always seems to come when the timbered mountains are illuminated by the full moon. 

In this half mountain and half prairie state it is easy to see the magic in everyday life—and no time more than the spring when new life begins to peak its head up from the snow-covered ground.  It was large, but unencumbered, steps which led me to writing award-winning and nationally recognized paranormal romance.  If you like reading books which are true to life, but carry a fresh edge of magic—then I whole-heartedly recommend The Nymph’s Labyrinth and Montana Mustangs to you (the first and second books in the Nymph Series).  You will not be disappointed. 

As you read my books, please come to them with an open heart, be ready to step into my world—a world that has been shaped by the beauty of God’s Country and the hunger for great fiction.  You will be transformed.  You will escape.  You will love.

Happy Reading!

Danica Winters

Montana Mustangs
The Nymph Series Book 2

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Length: 60k words
Publication Date: May 6, 2013
Heat Level: Sensual, m/f, HEA 
Book Description:

A Nymph.  A woman with the ability to seduce at will, shift to protect, but cursed with the fate to have the man she falls in love with die a tragic death.  As one of the ill-fated nymphs, Aura Montgarten has spent her lifetime drifting from one place to another hiding from love.  Until she meets Dane. 

When a body washes up on the shore of a rural Montana lake, police officer Dane Burke is faced with the task of finding the killer—even if it means he will be forced to put his life and heart at risk by working with a drifter.  As the truth of Aura’s Mustang-shifting Nymph ways are revealed, Dane learns exactly the amount of danger he and Aura are in, but can’t force himself to leave a case unsolved when the truth is right outside of his grasp.

When the killer decides he needs to take another victim—Dane—Aura must choose between their forbidden love and her immortal life…  Can there be life without love, or is death her only choice? 

The beam of the flashlight bounced over the ground as Dane made his way to the black pickup parked under the lone street lamp. The plates were from Arizona. She was a long way from home.
The woman stared down at a map that lay in her lap as he stepped up to the window. He tapped on the glass with the end of his metal flashlight.
She looked up and shoved the map closed as she rolled down the window. “Officer?” Her cheeks flushed.
“It’s Deputy Burke.” He pointed to his name badge.
Her overly large eyes sparkled, making him shift uncomfortably in his work boots. “Deputy.”
An odd trickle of guilt invaded him. She was suspicious, but he didn’t need to be rude—he had worked for his reputation as an even-tempered cop and he didn’t need to blow it on one good looking blonde. “Or you can call me Dane. That’s my name, Dane Burke.”
Great. He mentally groaned. Now I sound like a freaking idiot.
Dane.” The corner of her mouth turned up in a little grin. “How can I help you? I think I already answered most of the other officer’s questions.”
He pulled a notepad out of his front pocket. “I just have a few more questions for you. Make sure we get all of our bases covered.”
She responded with a tight nod.
“Where exactly did you say you were from?”
“I’m just traveling through.”
 “From Arizona?”
Her blue eyes sparked. “Yeah. Right. Arizona.”
So this was how she was going to play it? Like she was some kind of hard ass?
A little dream catcher dangled from her rearview mirror. The blue feather attached to the circle fluttered lazily in the breeze that filtered through the open window.
He clicked his pen and wrote down the word Arizona and her license plate number in a tight scrawl. “Where are you headed to?”
“What does it matter to your case? I told the other officer everything I know. I stopped, found the hand, and I called you guys. That’s it. Nothing more.”
What was she hiding? He instinctively put on his game face. No emotion, no tells.
“Do you have a horse in the back?” He pointed at the double horse trailer she was towing behind the three-quarter ton.
She glanced down at the side view mirror. “No.”
“You moving?” He leaned back and aimed the flashlight at the trailer, but the light was swallowed by the darkness.
“The trailer’s empty.” Her eyes scanned the mirror again, sparking his inner-cop.
“You mind if I take a look?”
“Do you have a search warrant?”
The woman knew her rights. There was nothing he could do. She may not have had anything to do with the pale, bloated hand that rested on the shore, but there was no question about it, she was hiding something. And even if it killed him, he was going to find out. 


The Nymph's Labyrinth

 Book 1 of The Nymph Series

Publication Date: December 31, 2012 
Publisher: Crimson Romance  
Purchase Link: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo 
Pages: 300
Book Description: *(Featured in USA Today)*

 A world shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the Sisterhood of Epione must not be exposed. 

A Shape-shifting nymph, Ariadne, is tasked with keeping the truth of her group’s existence and their ancient mysteries far out of reach of an American archeologist and his troublemaking son.  When forgotten and forbidden passions are awakened, Ariadne is forced to make a choice—fall in line and continue to be overrun and pushed down by the sisterhood, or follow her heart and put everyone’s lives in danger.

Can Ariadne have the man she loves or will the pressure and secrets of the past keep her from her heart’s desire?

About Danica Winters

Danica Winters is a bestselling author who is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic.  When she’s not working she can be found in the wilds of Montana working on her patience while she tries to understand the allure of various crafts (quilting, pottery and painting are not her thing).  She always believe the cup is neither half full nor half empty, but it better be filled with wine.

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Other Titles by Danica Winters:
An Angel’s Justice

Coming Soon from Danica Winters (2013):
Winter Swans (Crimson Romance) 

10 May 2013

Book trailer: Abducting Casey by Cheryl Yeko

Romantic Suspense
Coming Soon
Title: Abducting Casey
Author: Cheryl Yeko
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Book Summary:
Held captive somewhere in the mountains by men intent on blackmail, Casey Gillette soon discovers her only chance to survive is to trust the one man among her captors who seems different from the rest. He protects her from the other men and vows to keep her safe.

Undercover Cop:
As an undercover cop, Matt Sash has had to make plenty of tough calls in the field before, but this may be his toughest one yet. Only days away from taking down a jihadists group plotting to bomb Chicago, he's thrust into the role of protector to the beautiful woman being used as a pawn in the deadly game.

With Time Running Out:
A desperate race ensues to stop an act of terror and save the woman he loves.

Author website: http://www.cherylyeko.com

Buy link: http://www.soulmatepublishing.com