29 May 2013

Book Review: The Shift

The ShiftThe Shift by Fiona Dodwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A horrible incident costs Michael White his job, the shame that comes with it leaves him in a desperately depressing mood. His past (negative) work experience doesn't help him while looking for another job...that is until he comes to Hill Wood House, a posh private facility where the rich deposit their 'differently abled' loved ones.
And that's where the real downward spiral of Michael's life begins.

The art of painting eerily dark atmosphere in a book is one of Ms. Dodwell's fortes. I was submerged in Michael's head, his endless questions as his life unraveled before his eyes. As a reader, I felt compelled to know what/who was behind all the stalking and waited patiently for an explanation of the paranormal happenings. Both answers were delivered, and what a discovery that was.
I loved the book's haunted ambiance and the discovery of intriguing secrets. For the story's mysterious events and Michael's fear, confusion, and elaborate second-guesses, I think this length was perfect.
Another winner from Ms. Dodwell.

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