11 April 2012

A review of His to Possess

It's a nice surprise to stumble across a good review of a book that's close to your heart. His to Possess was published in 2010, and though I didn't forget it, I admit this review warmed my heart all over again. I think I'll be re-reading it :-)
This is the full review: http://novellynice.blogspot.com/2012/04/review-his-to-possess-by-su-halfwerk.html
But I can share a tidbit here:

"His to Possess is such a sweet and heart-warming paranormal story. I found myself tearing up by the second page, but that's me.

Jeremy is a ghost who is haunting a mansion that Stacy was hired to appraise the valuable collection of books within its library. Jeremy has been dead for seven years and Stacy is the first person he really felt connected to..."