25 November 2010

Sister Hoods by P.L. Blair - The Book Trailer

Author P.L. Blair was kind enough to request a trailer for Sister Hoods, her fourth book in the "Portals" series, and is a continuation of the adventures of Kat Moralez and Tevis McLeod, Corpus Christi police detectives. Their days are spent dealing with a world complicated by the opening of Portals between our normal "human" world, and a parallel world of magic and home of all manner of mythological creatures.

In Sister Hoods, police detectives Kat Morales, and her elven partner Tevis McLeod deal with dark wizards, satyrs, wyverns and a deep forest pulsing with ancient magic in this tale of a modern-day real-estate developer and evil double-dealing. And the whole thing begins with a bank robbery perpetrated by three sister nymphs and their satyr accomplices.

Pat, thanks for this opportunity!

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