10 December 2010

Sister Hoods - Book Review

Sister Hoods by P.L. Blair
ISBN Number: 978-0-9796974-4-9
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense
Publisher: Studio See
Sister Hoods starts with a robbery carried out by Nymphs and Satyrs, an attempt to stop developments on a magical forest, the Woodlands. Detectives Kat and her partner Tevis get involved in their capacity as officers of the law, but soon their role is changed dramatically. The rest of their elite team (Wizard Arvandus, his nephew—a half lovetalker—Gairth, the Djinn Achmed, and a Hobgoblin who calls himself Jorge Ramirez) who monitor and fight magical crimes get involved as well in this race against time to save the magical land, to let a sleeping wyvern be. An awakened wyvern is not a good thing. First it goes through a random killing spree, and then it feeds until it gorges itself on food; humans.
P.L. Blair did it again.
She’d created this otherworldly world of magic, wizards, spells, enchanted devices and locations. There were fantastically beautiful creatures with the power to turn their allure into a deadly weapon, example, unicorns and Nymphs to name a couple.
The characters are amazing, even the secondary ones. I felt an instantaneous liking to one such character (a secondary one,) Elaine Todd. She stood out and I’m still not sure of the reason. Perhaps she reminded me of someone I know or maybe her strong personality was something that impressed me! This shows Ms. Blair’s solid grip on human nature.
Achmed the Djinn came through in a touching scene, one that showed a clear character development. That scene warmed my heart, made me change my mind about Achmed’s coldness.This is a book that can be read by adults and teens, even smaller kids if they can handle the big words. It would be a pity for any to miss this world.
A great job indeed