28 February 2011

What is Variable Pricing?

Intricate Entanglement goes live at 12:01a.m. PST March 1st on Damnation Book’s website. How about you take advantage of the Variable Pricing scheme and get a bunch of scary books for yourself or for a friend who has a taste for the darker side of things?
What’s Variable Pricing?
It means that at 12:01am PST on the day new books go live, in this case, March 1st, the newly released e-books on Damnation Book’s website are offered free.
Yes, you read that right, but mind you, only the first e-copy is totally free. After that, and as more people download the e-book, its price rises by 25cents until either:
  •   The e-book reaches its full retail price.
  • 24 hours passed since it went live.
So, what are you waiting for? Setup that alarm on your watch, cell phone, or kitchen timer. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some mighty dark fiction…I can hear the distant grating sounds of Damnation Book’s gates opening.
See you there.

Trapped in a lunatic asylum and compelled to listen to the stories of the deranged patients, Doug Pinkham becomes entangled in the twisted mind of a cold-blooded killer. As the reporter tries to get to the bottom of a mysterious murder case, he gets more than he bargained for. He must separate truth from fiction as he realizes he no longer controls his own world. Will Doug manage to escape the asylum, or will the killer’s stories lure him into an enigmatic world full of mazes, each so fascinating that he can’t stop listening?