15 March 2011

Stormcaller by P.L. Blair ~ Book Trailer

This is the trailer for Stormcaller, book 2 in P.L. Blair's "Portals" fantasy adventure series.

Tilte: Stormcaller
Author: P.L. Blair
Genre: Fantasy - Adventure
ISBN: 9780979697425
Publisher: Studio See Publishing
Book Blurb:
Stormcaller continues the adventures of Corpus Christi police detective Kat Morales and her Elven partner Tevis in P.L. Blair's second book in her "Portals" series. They battle an ancient Aztec god to save the Texas gulf coastline from certain destruction by a hurricane. Tlaloc, worshipped by the ancient Aztecs as a god of rains, storms and disease, has come to Corpus Christi with an ultimatum: He will be worshiped as in times past, including Human sacrifice, or he will destroy the Texas coastline with a hurricane. It's up to Police Detective Kat Morales, her Elven partner Tevix and the rest of an elite team headed by the Wizard Arvandus to stop Tlaloc before he makes good on his threat. The adventures that began for Kat and Tevis in Shadow Path continue as they race against time, and between worlds, to defeat the Stormcaller.