15 April 2011

The Opinion of a Book Addict

BookGirl has reviewed Intricate Entanglement. This is her opinion:

"This book reads like several books in one, there is the main story about the reporter and the side stories of the people living in the asylum. I was drawn to this book by only watching the booktrailer. I was inmediately interested and I wasn’t disappointed.
The story chills you to the bone, the side stories had an eerie feeling tot hem. The people had such normal lifes before they were comitted. But one thing sets them off and even after hearing the stories you don’t know what that is. The asylum itself is creepy and the ending send shivers down my spine.
Amazing book that leaves you breathless, this is one Asylum you don’t even want to visit because I have the feeling that onces your in you won’t ever come out!"

I got 5 ratties :-D

Here's the link to the actual review.