23 May 2011

Book Review: Home by Carson Buckingham

Title: Home
Author: Carson Buckingham
Genre: Horror

Publisher: Hellfire Publishing
Available format: PDF, E-pub,Mobi
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HOME by Carson Buckingham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate Kavanagh’s life is changing, in many ways. Secrets, weird allies, and changing views of the world are only few of the elements Kate has to face to carry on with her life.

I doubt I can say more without giving Home away, and that would be a shame. One must read this book to experience the suspense, intrigue, and the amazing revelations at the end. I’m usually good at guessing what’s coming next, fortunately, I failed miserably with this book. Surprises popped on each page, leaving me wondering where this was leading. I can honestly say Home made me experience an emotion I haven’t felt for a while; I was hooked without knowing on what.

I believe Home could have been longer. Some very interesting characters were mentioned in the passing, ones I wanted to know more about. I can’t even mention their names because I will give part of the surprise away. Also, the revelations came in a gush at the end, all in one go. I wish she had stretched it a bit by trickling surprises the same way she trickled the incidents leading to it. I can only hope that Buckingham is planning a sequel or a prequel to the book.

This was my first Carson Buckingham book, it will most definitely NOT be my last.

*off to look for more books by this author*

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