09 March 2012

Latest Trailer: Death Offerings by Alicia Dean

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Newspaper columnist, Monroe Donovan, is haunted by the murder of her childhood friend. Twenty-five years ago, Katie Broussard was grabbed from Monroe's backyard and brutally slain. The murderer was never caught, but it's been three years since his last kill, and Monroe is hopeful that the monster has finally stopped.
Trying to generate evidence that will help identify the killer, Monroe writes a series of articles on the murders. But, rather than help solve the case, it appears the articles might have woken a sleeping maniac. Another young girl is found dead, and evidence implies the killer is trying to get Monroe's attention.
When more girls are murdered, and someone close to Monroe is kidnapped, she becomes embroiled in a game of cat and mouse. What the killer doesn't know is that this mouse knows some games of her own...and with stakes this high, Monroe is determined to come out the winner. 

Author Website: http://AliciaDean.com