07 June 2010

The Kindred Charmers

If you’ve seen some of my tweets lately, then you’re most probably familiar with my addiction to Columbo, the TV show.
Today’s episode was titled, “A Stitch in Crime,” and the bad guy was a younger Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock in Star Trek.)
He reminded me of someone else, it took me over an hour of watching the show to get the name: David Duchovny or Fox Mulder in The X-Files.
Both have an *alien* connection to thank for their fame. One was an alien, the other looked for the truth behind alien’s existence.
Then there’s their sexual appeal—don’t judge unless you’ve seen at least 5 episodes of each show (X-Files and Star Trek.). Both men/characters are attractive in the strong silent kind, the type too unplayful for his own good at times.
Have you noticed their eyes, the way they engage the viewer with a devastatingly patient stare? Those eyes judge, catalog, and memorize everything about the person in front of them.
To me, that’s sexy, the inherent brooding man.
Then there are those lips. In both shows both sets of lips were used mainly for talking and very minor, if any, kissing. Not much smiling either took place in the lives of Mr. Spock and Mulder.
But man, oh man, let a smile break through, and BAM! Something shifts, forcing the viewer to join in that moment of ultimate brightness, hoping against hope it'll last.
I’ve spent a LOT of time watching their eyes and lips, but the rest is not so bad either *evil grin*
I know I sound as though I’m mixing between the actors and their characters, but in my mind there is no difference. Nimoy was as sexy in “A Stitch in Crime” as he was in Star Trek, he exuded his own charm.
Here's a video of Nimoy being himself...sorta!

Now tell me this; am I the only one who sees their kindred charm?