01 June 2010

Zuphreen is HERE

*Wishes left unfulfilled are sad. Wishes fulfilled by Zuphreen are fatal.*

And with that dark thought, I would like to announce the release of my horror novel, Zuphreen ~ Bestower of Damnation from Damnation Books.

The novel covers the story of three unlikely friends who unwittingly unleash the horrors of hell in a vain attempt to boost their plummeting grades. Duped by their scheming professor, the friends summon Zuphreen and command the evil demon to enhance their lives with his gifts. But the gifts soon become curses and the friends watch in horror as they slowly turn into monsters. In a desperate race against time, the students must undo the curses and defeat the demon before the “gifts” destroy them forever. How far would they go to lift these curses? How deep would they sink to save themselves?

To whet your appetite, here’s a one-liner:
“She leaned forward and parted her bangs away from that gray abomination that lived in the middle of her forehead.”

Book Details:
• eBook ISBN: 9781615721290
• Print ISBN: 9781615721306
• Genre: Horror (Urban Fantasy)
• Word count: 78,057
• Excerpt and Buy link: Damnation Books

To celebrate the release, I have the following appearances scheduled for the month of June:
Check the book, comment if you wish. I don’t bite.