12 September 2010

Bad Memory? Suggested Solutions

I admit, a goldfish has a better memory than yours truly. There are many incidents in my life to support my claim. I would forget what I was saying midsentence, or that one time when I forgot my son’s name and had to call him “Hey!” to draw his attention.
I’m ashamed of myself, though I hold on pig-headedly to the excuse of having too many things/thoughts happening and swarming in my head at the same time; even during my sleep.
It is a serious problem, to tell you the truth. Grocery items just pop in my head, or an idea for a book materializes out of thin air and wouldn’t let go until I jotted it down. There are also appointments to remember, blogs to schedule, interviews to post…the list goes on.
So what are my glorified solutions?
Well, here they are (they work nicely, by the way):

Just a small one in my handbag, I can pull it out any minute and jot down a word, a sentence or a date with minimum explanation. Hey, I have a lousy memory, but with a small hint, it all comes back.
If you’re an author, make it a habit to keep a notebook by your bed. Most of the greatest ideas come to an author when about to sleep or upon waking up. Write them down, and if they sound silly later on, delete them if you like.

Cell phone: 
  • Recorder: Record when lazy to write. Late at night, I hate to wake my husband by switching on the light to write down an idea. I whisper it into the recorder, and its there for safe keeping.
  • Note: There’s a “Note” option under “Applications”, I jot grocery items, measurements of objects I need to buy for the house. It’s really handy, since my cell is with me wherever I go.
  • To-Do option: Mine has an alarm associated with it, use it as a reminder.
I’ve made it a point to check both these resources for entries before I start my day. In one incident, I laughed till I cried at the sleepy whispery voice reminding me to give the hero a bikini wax. Not sure whether I misheard it or I was heavily medicated on the sinus medicine, but it was a hoot!
To tell you the truth, I still haven’t figured a solution for remembering, midsentence, what I wanted to say.
Any suggestions?