15 August 2011

Golden Oldies

Last week I had the pleasure of watching two olden horror movies that I somehow missed during my quest to scare the daylights out of my…
They possessed this genuine feel of reality to them. Both movies were made in the 70's. In those days horror movies either focused on plot/story or boobs. Luckily both fit the former category. 
I was familiar with Tales from the Crypt as a TV show, but I haven't seen this movie released in 1972. 
TheVault of Horror was made in 1973 initially referred to as part two of Tales from the Crypt. The stories in The Vault of Horror stayed with me more. Perhaps because I connected very strongly with one of them!!!
Each movie tells the stories of 5 people, total strangers to each other, yet they had "guilt" in common. 
Discussing the stories without giving away part of the charm of these two is impossible, and I would hate to spoil them for you. Needless to say, they're worth watching if you don't mind the absence of computer generated special effects we are swarmed with nowadays.

Can you think of any other Golden Oldies in the horror genre that focused on plot more than gore or effects?