22 August 2011

Nightmare on Cat's Street

Welcome to my kingdom
It's about time I introduce our cat, our one and only owner, Ramona.
She's a two year-old calico who comes with her own set of tantrums, mood swings, and an abundance of moments of madness that lead to:
-          choking,
-          hiccuping, and
-          tripping
with laughter. Each and ever incident that involved our physical discomfort was triggered by fits of laughter at Ramona's shenanigans.
True story.
Last night, my son had an upset tummy. I filled a hot water bottle (that looks like a tiger) and stuffed it in his bed, right by his tummy. Unfortunately, that was the spot Ramona was interested in. After all, my son belongs to her and she is more that capable of annoying the hell out of him taking care of him. So, after few meows and struggles with the tiger, Ramona circled herself and settled by my son's feet. She was mightily annoyed, that pansy tiger wouldn't rise to her aggressive challenges and assaults.
Today, I picked up the hot water bottle and went to empty it in the bathroom's sink. First, I snatched open the Velcro at the back, which issued a loud ripping noise. Ramona jumped two feet in the air and settled on her haunches watching me by the door.
Then I unscrewed the stopper and poured the water out. Mind you, this all happened while the hot water bottle was still in the tiger-cover.

Ramona went berserk. Her eyes went wide. She swallowed a couple of times, and then licked her whiskers, leaving her tongue out for a while. Finally she murmured something (I always think she's cursing me in cat lingo) and dashed to hide in the living room.
I thought that was weird until I looked at the deflated tiger in my hand.
It sure looked like I killed the tiger, and was planning to get Ramona next. lol
I laughed so hard, I fell on the ground (Yes, lots of bruising in our house take place because of Ramona,) and finally went hunting for Ramona to reassure her that I'm neither Jason nor Freddy.
She's not buying it.
I'm on to you...
Smart cat!