16 May 2012

Book Review: Tales from Imagination's Closet by M. Allman

Tales from Imagination's ClosetTales from Imagination's Closet by M. Allman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

29 stories! Each unique, intriguing, and touching in its own way. I couldn't stop reading, the "just one more and then I'll sleep" promise was repeated several times a night.
My personal favorites are "Existence," "The Guardian," "My Friend, Clarence," and "The Roads Not Traveled."
The book is a mix of genres, sure to satisfy different tastes. I wish the book received stronger editing, despite that, M. Allman's imagination managed to shine through.
I'm sure the author's imagination isn't dry yet, I hope she's planning another collection of short and intriguing fiction

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