06 May 2012

Spellbound 2011 by Multiple Authors

Spellbound 2011Spellbound 2011 by Jenny Twist
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is rare to find a book that is aptly titled to befit the stories within it. It is also surprising to like every story in an anthology. Spellbound 2011 scores on both accounts.

Without giving the stories away, Spellbound 2011 has werewolves, a possible vampire, a haunted house…among other elements of the darker fiction. Each author succeeded in building a tense tale that drew me in until the last word in each. The book is like a quilt, each section created by a different person, yet all the pieces fit together to make it one complete masterpiece.

I'm already familiar with Jenny Twist's masterful writing, now I have 8 new authors (for me) to check out.

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