22 October 2012

Guest Blog: Women of Strength Series by Adelle Laudan

Fellow author, Adelle Laudan, is about to introduce us to her aptly titled series, Women of Strength. Please join me in welcoming her and don't forget to take part in the generous giveaway
You're on, Adelle!

A Woman of Strength is one who inspires others to face life's adversities with their heads held high. 
I have launched my series with three previously published stories; Juliana - Rosa - Shani
Today we will look into Rosa's story. Sometimes a Woman of Strength stems from dealing with a difference  she is born with. In the case of Rosa, she was born deaf. Her challenges come in many forms, one being the misconception that being deaf is synonymous with being mentally challenged. I am also deaf, but can interact with the hearing with two super duper hearing aids. Without them, I hear nothing, which is sometimes a blessing. My kids know if they see me reach up and turn off my hearing aids, I've had enough!  lol I have always wanted to tell a story from a deaf person's point of view, in this case, my own.
Blurb: Rosa is deaf. She was adopted by loving parents after her mother died in childbirth. Rosa teaches deaf children music. At her 21st birthday party she crosses paths with the band manager, Devon Barnes. The first encounter is not, pleasant when Devon mistakes her deafness for being rude. Is Devon simply another man who sees her being deaf as also being mentally challenged? Why is she attracted to such a man?  
Here is a short excerpt:
The song ended, and she kissed her father’s cheek before she wandered off down the garden path alone. He didn't remember making a conscious decision to follow her. She stood next to a bush laden with tiny pink roses and held one of the delicate blooms between her slender fingers, drinking in its scent. Her milky white breasts gently rose, and his manhood stirred at such a minuscule gesture.
“Your garden is most exquisite,” Devon heard himself say. Her enticing gestures did not falter as she continued down the path without so much as a hint of recognition. Perhaps she didn't hear me. He moved closer before he spoke again.
“You look absolutely stunning tonight.”
Once again she moved on, not even a glance back in his direction. He should have known the spoiled birthday girl wouldn't give him the time of day. When would he learn? He had half a mind to tell her exactly what he thought of her snobbish airs.
Devon’s temper, laced with far too much whiskey, got the best of him, and he held her arm, firmly spinning her around to face him. He bent down and crushed her delicate lips with his burning desire.
I’ll show her that I’m every bit a man as any of those rich guys back at the party.
The look on her face wasn't what he expected. He thought she might have slapped his face before whirling away. This heavenly vixen did neither of these things. She looked bewildered, her expression one of utter disbelief. Maybe she truly hadn't heard him. That’s not possible, is it?
He reached for her hand to try and explain. She recoiled from his touch as if he were on fire. The first drop of a rain of tears escaped her clouded green eyes before she held up her dress and ran towards the house.

Thank you Su, for having me here on the 3rd day of my Women of Strength Blog Tour. Each month I will add a new story of another Woman of Strength. 
I hope you will enjoy this ongoing series.
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Thank you, Adelle for the visit and giveaway. The excerpt is intriguing, I must buy a copy of this book :-)