24 April 2010

Blackout movie and my sister

Today is my sister's birthday, and as a treat I took her out to watch Blackout (We're both horror buffs, so it's not so weird.) What I haven't considered is her inherent fear of elevators, to be specific, what happens when or if an elevator stopped working while she's in it.

After a quick lunch at Chili's and a short shopping trip to the mall, we went home. I was smiling all the way from the cinema until we reached my house. You see, my apartment is on the 24th floor. Just as we stepped out of the car, she turned to me, her face all grim and full of foreboding, "You do know that from now on, every time I visit, you'll have to come downstairs to accompany me into the elevator and all the way to your apartment?"

She was serious.