29 April 2010

Home Sweet "New" Home

Ahem…excuse me while I settle down in this new house of mine. Please help yourself to a cookie, they are freshly made.
This is my first post in Blogger after a (somewhat) smooth move from Wordpress. So far, options are easier to handle on Blogger, and I do like the template I'm using :-)
Loyalty runs deep in my blood, but after months of trying to overcome bugs and upgrade problems in Wordpress, I sold my loyalty for 2cents and signed up here. I would've stayed with Wordpress, except I discovered I had to juggle between visiting wordpress.com and wordpress.org to solve the problems I had. Here's the thing: .org is for accounts through a hosting company, like mine, while .com is on the web directly and had more options. Signing up for one didn't mean that you had an account in the other. Yep!
There's more storage space on Wordpress, but I don't think I will need all that much. Besides, Blogger might decide to be generous and increase storage space.
Now, I must go and do some ironing and such, have a look around and view some of the older posts.