01 January 2012

The Bodyguard by Cherry Adair, Gena Showalter, & Lorie O'Clare

The Bodyguard (Includes: T-FLAC, #16)The Bodyguard by Cherry Adair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More like 3.5 stars but Gena is here.

There are 3 stories in this book:

1. Temptations on Ice by Cherry Adair

The good:

I liked the premise and idea of the book. Cherry had a good command of the description, making each scene sound and feel plausible (this influenced the Not-So section below.) The author also endowed the main character with a kickAss power. Cool.

The Not-So:

Because the author was very vivid in her description, I had a problem with the suitability of the intimate moment in the tiny submarine. No matter how hard I tried to imagine it, it didn't work. In addition, I have a problem accepting a guy who'd sleep with a woman knowing he would off her later.

Rating: 3 stars

2. Temptation in Shadows by Gena Showalter

The good:

Showalter wrote it, that's one plus :-). Gena Showalter's sense of humor is evident all over the place. it wasn't humorous, but subtly smirk-inducing. Know what I mean?
There is an array of imaginative super powers that I enjoyed reading about.

We always read about this handsome hero and this gorgeous heroine, but Gena manages to show us that they might look average in someone else's eyes but are incredibly attractive to their partners. I like that...it gives the rest of us hope of finding that special someone one day.

The Not-so:

Gabby was too forgiving, too trusting, too fast. However, looking at the length of the story this is justified.

Rating: 4 stars

3. Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'Clare

The good:

Seth's character was well developed. He is a strong minded, strongly built bounty hunter.

The Not-So:

Jenna was trying too hard to prove her independence to the extreme that she came across as reckless and irresponsible at times, which went against what she'd been trying to prove.

In addition, the ending came all of a sudden and out of nowhere.

Rating: 3 stars

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