06 January 2012

Book Review: An Unforgettable Lady by Jessica Bird

An Unforgettable Lady (An Unforgettable Lady, #1)An Unforgettable Lady by Jessica Bird

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

J.R. Ward - AKA Jessica Bird - Knows how to draw an alpha male; the protectiveness, aggressiveness, and total departure from reality. This isn't a negative point, we all need someone like John Smith every now and then, if for nothing, then to remind us of our femininity.
But the pendulum switch between reaching for each other and then holding back grated on my nerves. The delay in consummating their relationship became obvious as a tool to lengthen the story.
Grace is everything a blue blooded lady of society is, except for her common sense. If you have a serial killer after you, and you've assigned a tenacious bodyguard to take care of you, one who lives with you in the house, then you don't go running in the park very early morning, ALONE. Grace needed a bodyguard but kept resisting the idea.
John Smith was flawless as the bodyguard. He was all muscles, dark history, sex-appeal,and scarred soul . However, some of his responses sounded childish, like two kids bickering. Did he get my heart beating faster? Oh, yes, and that's more than enough for me to like a hero.
The villain was obviously one of two, but I didn't have a problem there. The fact that I had to consider each then dismiss then consider again confused me enough that when the villain was revealed I wasn't offended.
So overall, the story was good, the characters had issues (then again perfect characters are boring,) and the ending was wrapped up nicely with a glorious promise of good things to come.
If it weren't for those prolonged moments of "will they do it? No they didn't, again" I would have given the story 4 stars.

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