20 February 2012

Novel Prevue Announcement

To be able to continue designing quality book trailers for the amazing books I work with, Novel Prevue's price and package will change effective March 1st, 2012.
The new price is $100/- per book trailer. This price includes:
  • The cost of 5 purchased images,
  • Free "royalty-free" music,
  • Upload to my Youtube channel,
  • Sharing the trailer on Vivid Sentiments blog,
  • Sharing the trailer on Novel Prevue's Facebook page,
  • Announcement on Twitter,
  • And an option to receive the original video file.
Book now if you have a book and its cover art ready to be able to employ current price until February 29th.

As always, I remain flexible and focused on bringing to the fore your story, its emotions, and its uniqueness.