03 June 2012

A great review of Hellbound

Jenny Twist did it again!
She'd written a wonderful 5 star review of Hellbound that--I'm sure--chilled some of the heat in Hell :-)

Here's the review on Goodreads:

"A delightful anthology of really creepy stories.
THE DEADENING tells the tale of a morgue attendant with a penchant for robbing the dead. When he helps himself to a note in the pocket of his latest customer he gets more than he bargained for - a LOT more.
THE SUBSTITUTE: Stan Malcovich was making a good living as a medium before he met Joanna. But when Joanna doesn't get what she wants he finds the dead really begin to speak through him and they don't say the things his clients want to hear. What does Joanna really want? And why does she have such tremendous power over him?
SCORNED: When Troy sees a trio of roughnecks follow an attractive redhead out the bar, he does the chivalrous thing and follows them. Sure enough, he finds them threatening the girl and wades in to defend her honour. Of course, Troy has an ulterior motive but then, so does Jenna............
If you enjoy horror you will love this book. Ms Halfwerk is an accomplished writer who takes you to places you never wanted to go. Each of these stories tells of one person's journey to Hell. Trust me. You really don't want to go there!"

Thank you, Jenny. I can tell you have a great taste in books LOL
Hellbound is available here:


  1. I love the stories in this book, you did a great job Su :)

  2. What's not to love about stories from Hell?
    Thanks for stopping by, Muna.