15 April 2014

Book Review: Miss Mabel's School for Girls (The Network Series) by Katie Cross

Bianca joins Miss Mabel’s School for Girls because she must. Cursed since birth, she hopes to trick or coerce the one person who can lift it to do so.
She discovers, the hard way, the task’s toilsome nature.
I waited for the release of this book for a long time and made sure I stayed updated on its progress. This means my hopes were set too high.
The book never disappointed, it even spared a glance back at my expectations and tittered :)
A comparison to Harry Potter is unavoidable since the book is about magic and school for witches, but Miss Mabel’s stands its own ground when it comes to story line, plot, character development, and (especially) getting out of tight spots.
Bianca is not a perfect teenager but her flaws made her believable, easier to connect with, and feel concern over her fate.
I was treated to detailed and vividly described scenes with emphasis on characters’ attributes until each took shape and came to life right before my eyes.
Discoveries are dribbled throughout the book to create a sense of suspense, yet be aware that some of these discoveries aren’t necessarily truths. If you want to know more then burn the candle at night (like I did) and read more, or ignore your life to read more. 

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls was a delight to read because it kept its secrets hidden until the last moment. Even then, it held on to some.
Magic, tough girls, and an enchanting path to travel, a perfect concoction that will surly work its magic on you. 
Highly recommend it.
5 Stars
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