03 October 2010

Deathtalker - Book Review

Deathtalker by P.L. Blair
ISBN Number: 978-0-9796974-3-2
Genre: Fantasy/Suspense
Publisher: Studio See

Deathtalker by P.L. Blair is the third book in her Portals series. It is fantasy and detective adventures mixed into one preternatural package. There are spells, unique powers, and creatures from another world. There’s one such creature who crossed the portal from the Otherside—the non-human one—and chose Corpus Christi as his hunting ground. His victims are women who had one mistake in common, falling in love.
Detective Kat Morales and her elven partner, Tevis McLeod are on the hunt for this serial killer, whose hunger is rivaled only by his vengeful nature. Both detectives are members of an elite little team led by Arvandus the wizard, whose main task is to face threats from the Otherside.
The question is not whether they will find the Deathtalker, but whether they will survive him.

I admit, I haven’t read the first two books of the series, but I didn’t feel lost or missing details. Whenever necessary, there were explanations that didn’t give away the previous books’ plot, but shed light on this magical world of P.L. Blair's.
I enjoyed this dull-moments-lacking story. There are mythical creatures who aren’t as cute or helpful as we were given to believe in folklore.
Deathtalker is a solid, well written, and intriguing story. It draws you in and doesn’t let go. You keep cheering the good guys, and you hate the bad guy’s gut enough to want to throttle him.
There were, however, times when I missed the romantic attraction/s in the book. And although the main characters were interesting, Kat was a bit indistinct at times; there was more in this book about the non-human’s powers than about her as a human. This could be because it’s the third book in the series, perhaps more about her was revealed in the previous two books.

Will I be reading another book by P.L. Blair? Definitely! I just need to decide whether I’ll go for the previous two or the ones following Deathtalker!
Perhaps all.