30 October 2010

His to Possess – An EPIC Finalist

Yes! His to Possess, is a finalist in the Paranormal Romance Category of the prestigious 2011 EPIC eBook Awards Competition™.
The rush and excitement that came with the news flooded my heart with joy; recognition as one of the worthy is indeed a different ballgame.
I’m honored, and would like to express my sincere "thank you" to the anonymous judges.
Writing is my passion, I won’t last long if I stopped the creation of my worlds and ceased to invite others to visit and play with me. If that ever happened, I might go insane, or rather become insaner.. :-)
The writing of His to Possess took much shorter time than any other story, and I've written short stories before. A soft and fluffy feeling encircled me while writing it. Even now, talking about it make me smile with joy. There's something about writing a story that challenges the author to come up with a plausible solution to an impossible situation.

In His to Possess, Stacy doesn’t know that a dashing ghost is in love with her, but when she conjures him one stormy night, he charms her to her core.

After weeks of watching Stacy turn the act of book appraising into a tantalizing experience, Jeremy—once untouchable and invisible—discovers that Stacy is more than just an infatuation. She’s all he wants, and she’s staring right at him, not through him.
A passionate kiss seals the deal and kindles their hearts with burning passion for each other. But if given the choice, will Jeremy selfishly have her join him in the realm of the dead, or allow fate to keep Stacy alive—and thus apart from him?
When Stacy searches deeper into their connection to discover the ultimate truth about their relationship, does she find out that this is another fateful blow to her heart or a new chance at love? As former lovers and thieves in the night attempt to tear them apart, their love is put to the ultimate test.
If you were in Stacy’s shoes, would you fall for a ghost? Perhaps you’ll be motivated to answer if you glimpse her ghost!
Here’s the book's trailer (created by yours truly). Go ahead, see Jeremy :-)
His to Possess is available here: