05 October 2010

Taming Temptations

The need to curb a desire can bump up the temptation's level in one's life; like the craving for chocolate while dieting, or the urge to have excessive sex while partner/spouse/lover is out of town. Too much of a good thing, is bad.
What makes it harder to resist temptations is the conceived theorization to just-have-it, whatever ‘it’ may be. I knew a girl who believed plastic surgeries were her way to happiness; a nose job here, a lift there, a tuck in that corner, and voila! She would feel all different, all new. She did look all different and all new!
Loneliness and inactivity can weaken us enough to succumb easily to temptations.
Leading a busy life leaves no time for, let’s say, bingeing on chocolate. Yes, there will be the occasional morsels here and there, but they won’t come close to the quantities consumed while watching TV, for example.
Think of all the ‘anonymous’ groups; there is strength in numbers; solidarity brings people together to develop a solution, a way out, a distraction.
However, there are those odd temptations, the ones that are more delicious if they remain untamed.

Magnolia Colby, in Untamed Temptation, my shapeshifter romance, suffers her fears and doubts alone, never possessing the valor to find more of or about her kind. She’d chosen that path out of consideration for other’s safety, but ended up almost sacrificing herself out of self-imposed unknowingness. She had attempted to control the untamed, her otherness. Add to that, her attraction to Alex, who had failed—no, refused, to resist her.
Tangled in her emotional turmoil, the Amazon jungle, and her self-doubt, Magnolia must choose between surrendering blindly to the untamed temptation churning within her heart, or taking a chance on Alex to find her true soul and peace with him.